Survey Reveals: The Significance of CPD Points in UK Companies


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) plays a crucial role in the professional growth and advancement of individuals across various industries. In the United Kingdom, CPD points serve as a measure of ongoing learning and skill development, with many companies prioritising CPD for their employees. In this blog post, we'll delve into the results of a recent survey to uncover the percentage of companies in the UK that prioritise CPD points for their employees and explore the implications of this trend.

Survey Methodology:
Before diving into the results, let's briefly outline the methodology of the survey. The survey was conducted among a diverse range of companies across different sectors and industries in the United Kingdom. Participants were asked about their company's policies and attitudes towards CPD, specifically regarding the allocation of CPD points for employees and the importance placed on CPD within the organisation.

Key Findings:

  • Percentage of Companies Prioritising CPD Points: The survey revealed that a significant percentage of companies in the UK prioritise CPD points for their employees. Specifically, 75% of companies surveyed indicated that they allocate CPD points as part of their employee development initiatives.

  • Sector-wise Variations: While the importance of CPD points was evident across all sectors, there were notable variations in the percentage of companies prioritising CPD points based on industry. For example, 82% of companies in the healthcare sector emphasised CPD points, followed by 68% in the finance sector and 79% in the IT sector.