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To get accreditation of your activities you will need to submit the materials for your CPD activities to us in an appropriate format so that we can review them against our criteria and standards.

The review process normally takes an average of 1 week to complete once the application is received. If the materials do not meet our minimum standards, we will certainly make recommendations to ensure you are going in the right direction.

Once these criteria are met and you have provided the additional relevant evidence required as necessary, then your CPD activities will be approved as accredited.

Help is at your fingertips


Everthing you need to know about CPD QS Yearly plans, from applicaiton to the accredition process, as well as the billing methods.

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What are the benefits of CPD?

CPD shows a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism. CPD provides an opportunity for an individual to identify knowledge gaps and to resolve these in a recognisable approach to improvement.

What is a CPD point, unit or credit?

It is often found across all industries that CPD points, units and credits all relate to the same thing, CPD Hours? What are CPD Hours? The definition of a CPD Hour is the time spent for a delegate to be in “active learning”.

How are training and events assessed?

The CPD submissions are reviewed and certified using a universally recognised structured checklist that has been developed by The CPD Quality Standards over the course of time. This process ensures an unbiased and objective evaluation.

How does the CPD Delegate Certificate Service work?

The CPD QS Delegate Certificate Service within its systematic provisions, certifies the individuals who have attended, or completed any CPD activities with an aim to enable the certified individuals demonstrating accomplished professional development & setting down learning achievements.