Why is Education Still Crucial to Professional Success?

How to achieve professional success? The most obvious and sure-fire way is through education. Education is the backbone of every nation. Without education, it is tough for a particular country to succeed and make any remarkable achievements. Education strengthens the base and makes the root stronger for any individual. Therefore, securing better education for phenomenal professional success plays a significant role. It makes you more job-worthy. This article will focus on why education is crucial for professional success and give you a rough idea of its importance in securing a better career.

Education and Professional Success

The answer to ‘how to achieve professional success’ is deeply connected with education. In fact, education, and success in a professional career are correlated. Some people might argue saying that nowadays, professional experience, exposure, and networking are the only things that matter. But that isn’t true. In order to set up a solid career base for oneself, it is essential to secure their theoretical and academic knowledge first, Because these are the things that make an individual ready to conquer their respective career paths. Education is a form of self-development. It installs confidence and intellectuality within an individual. If you are still unsure about this correlation, ask yourself the following questions and match the answers accordingly:

  • What do you do when you feel hungry? Of course, you eat something.
  • What do you do when you want to stay fit? Of course, you exercise.
  • What do you do when you feel sleepy? Of course, you sleep.
  • What do you do when you feel tired? Of course, you have a rest.
  • What do you do when you fall sick? Of course, go to a doctor.
  • What do you do when you feel thirsty? Of course, drink some liquid.

Since we do the most obvious things for the questions mentioned above, what do you do when you want to upskill your career and see career growth. The simple answer to that question is to acquire knowledge. And, to acquire knowledge, you need education. Regardless of which position you are working at, as an assistant, intern or senior executive- you need education for your career growth. Your education will help you achieve professional goals and help you get into a better position in your career.

Importance of CPD Certified Education in Professional Success

CPD means Continuing Professional Development. The importance of this form of education is enormous. It allows the education system to be more informative and engaging. CPD learning is, therefore, the more updated and modern form of education. In addition, CPD learning forms a good mix of both academic and professional training. This will solve all your worries of education being monotonous and only theory-focused. CPD certified education is more attractive in nature.

It allows several opportunities for brain development and idea-sharing. You will always get a chance to come up with ideas and share them with everyone. As a result, it helps develop both your professional career and the educational skills required to excel in a career. Moreover, some recognised professional bodies even follow the CPD verified methods and expect all members to abide by them. Therefore, every member needs to be updated in terms of skills and educational qualifications to continue their membership.

However, CPD is not just a form of learning. It is an initiative that helps you in skill development and career advancement. CPD learning can be in several forms: academic, professional training, or even different workshops. These forms of training are fascinating. They incorporate several methods and use them to optimise the learning experience. Many renowned professional organisations have various cpd verified e-learning courses to educate their employees and help them stay updated with the rules and regulations for that particular position.

How to Achieve Professional Success?

We have already seen the link between education and professional career at the start of this article. We have also seen the importance of CPD verified education and its role in professional development. So, we can conclude that there is a strong correlation between education and professional success. However, let us see how to achieve professional success with education.  

1. Enhancement of Soft Skills

Soft skills are also known as interpersonal skills within a person. These skills make you up as an individual. You can polish these skills further through education and work experience. Some of the soft skills include – teamwork, verbal and non-verbal communication, decision-making, problem-solving, empathy, etc. Each of these skills is distinct from one another, but holds excellent value for you and your organisation. They also make you more prepared to accomplish your organisation goals and abide by all rules and regulations.

For example, when you are asked to prepare a presentation for a particular topic at your educational institute, you instantly acquire a set of skills while doing that. Some of them include- public speaking, confidence, group engagement and problem-solving. Similarly, when you receive education, especially CPD verified education, you are in the process of acquiring new skills that would help you in professional success.

2. Boosting Confidence Level     

When a person is more knowledgeable and has a degree, their confidence level automatically rises. It feels like you have accomplished a massive step in your life. The knowledge and skills you acquire from a degree or educational training make you feel more intellectual and restore a good amount of self-confidence. Additionally, developing some additional skills such as public speaking and problem-solving can help you achieve your professional goals even further. 

Moreover, when you are in an educational institution, you automatically connect with others in a similar situation or an established professional. This means that you can connect to several people, which creates an opportunity for you to share ideas, make professional contacts, etc. 

So, when you speak to others, talk to your tutors, it helps to break any shyness and awkwardness inside you. As a result, you would feel less nervous to connect with your professional contacts. And, if nervousness decreases, the more open you are to new changes and connecting with new people. All of these benefits in boosting your confidence levels.

3. Strong Networking

In a classroom setting, both online and physical, you have an excellent opportunity to interact with different people at the same time. You also have a plus point to meet people from diverse professional backgrounds and other ethnicities. This helps you get to know about different career fields and understand a diverse set of people simultaneously. When exposed to a vast professional network through any form of education, you can get to know people in similar situations as you. 

Or, they might have been in the same position in the past. You can also get career advice from more experienced professionals. Your network, formed through earning an educational degree, can be a wealth of insight and information for the advancement of your professional success. Thus, we can conclude that education can also lead to solid networking opportunities.

So, What does Professional Success Mean to You?

What professional success means to you and how you define professional success largely impacts how you achieve professional success. For some people it might mean getting a salary increase, for some, it might mean a promotion they’ve wanted for quite some time or some people may define it as leaving a footprint in a significant area. 

No matter how you define professional success, to advance your professional development and succeed in your career, you need to acquire more profound knowledge and gain specific skills. Whether you are a senior manager or an entry-level executive in an organisation, education will always be necessary for you.